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Reflexology is stimulation through specific hand techniques applied to the hands
and/or feet by gently nudging the body toward better function applying a “light touch”
pressure to specific areas.  This non-invasive process improves lymphatic drainage
and venous circulation, muscle relaxation and stimulation to the nerve pathways. The
feet have over 7,000 nerve endings.  When this specific touch is applied, energy is
released, removing blockages and enabling the body to begin healing. Each of these
nerve endings correspond to organs and major systems in the body.

Happy Feet—Healthy Body conducts reflexology treatments with aromatherapy

Reflexología es una estimulación de las manos y/o pies por medio de aplicar un
“toque ligero” a area específicas.  Cada pie tiene mas de 7,000 terminaciones de
nervios.  Cuando se aplica este toque específica, se suelta energía, removiendo
bloques y permitiendo al cuerpo sanarse por si solo.  Cada una de estas
terminaciones de los nervios corresponde a órganos y sistemas mayores en el cuerpo.

Happy Feet—Healthy Body conduce sus tratamientos de reflexología con
aromaterápia incluída
What is Reflexology?

It is not a “foot rub” or simply a “foot
massage”.  Reflexology is a
complementary holistic therapy known to
assist with the following (to name only a
Stress / Anxiety
Chronic Pain
Digestive Issues
Hormonal Imbalances
Sinus Issues
Lymph Drainage
Respiratory Issues
What is Aromatherapy?

It is a holistic therapy based on ancient
medical systems that have been built up
over thousands of years.  The use of
aromatic remedies is a much older form
of treatment than allopathic or orthodox
medicine.  Unlike modern drugs, plant
remedies and essential oils have been
tried and tested over generations and
known to treat the “whole body”,
producing both psychological and
physiological effects as they are rubbed
into the skin and absorbed into the
bloodstream.  This is a “green” approach
to health without all of the chemical side
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