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What does “holistic” mean?
In a nutshell, “holistic” means treating the whole person.
(physically, emotionally and spiritually)
Is Reflexology painful?
Happy Feet—Healthy Body practices the “light touch” method of Reflexology,
so it is NOT painful.  Any “tender” areas felt by you, will indicate an imbalance in
that part of the body.  Our nerve endings are very sensitive, so the “light touch”
is more readily received by the body.
How long is a usual Reflexology session?
The length of the session is dictated by each clients health condition; usually
lasting between 45-60 minutes.
in a zero gravity chair or massage table.  The temperature in the room will be
adjusted to your liking.  At the start of the session, the lights will be dimmed and
you will listen to relaxing music.  This is your time to relax, escape from the “day-
to-day” and receive a healing therapy.  Be kind to yourself and be prepared to
silence your cell phone. Your therapist is prepared to let you relax and sleep; or
if you prefer you can ask questions along the way about what area of the body
is specifically being addressed at that moment.
What might I feel after a Reflexology treatment?
Most clients comment that they experience relaxation during the treatment, a
burst of energy and clear head shortly after the treatment, followed by a great
night’s sleep.  However, because Reflexology is a holistic approach to health,
the “healing crisis” or “health response” can include emotional and/or physical
Emotional:  remembrance of unresolved past issues.
Physical:  Could include increased or more frequent urination, nausea,
headache, sleepiness, excess production of mucous, unusual fatigue,
diarrhea, constipation, or increased bowel movements; or through other
How does this differ from

Foot Massage and ITEC Certified
Reflexology are different treatments.  
Happy Feet—Healthy Body will start
your session with a health consultation.  
Based on this consultation, your
specific health conditions will be
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