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When I was trying to decide on my business name, several options were
floating around in my head.  It was actually and experience with one of
my dogs that helped me decide.  My two dogs are my “babies”...
My youngest dog had an injured knee and was suffering one day and
could barely walk or stand up.  So, I got on the floor beside him and
started giving him a Reflexology treatment.  He quickly relaxed and was
so happy he bathed my hands with kisses while I was working on him.  
When I finished, all four paws and go up to sit on the couch, he went
into this pose...

And after every treatment, I see the same “Happy Feet” pose...
And again... :-)
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1750 N Collins Blvd Ste 106
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone:  214-738-1477
Email:  Tanya@happyfeet-healthybody.com